Ernest Koroma to Appear in High Court

Ernest Bai-Koroma having countless of bashing from his fellow comradess


Underground investigations conducted in the judiciary of Sierra Leone has indicated that sooner or later, Former President Koroma and Co. who is also the substantive holder of Chairmanship and Leadership of the All People’s Congress (APC) will appeal in the High court of Sierra Leone to respond to allegations of constitutional breach posed by the National Reform Movement (NRM) of the APC Party.

According to judicial sources, this is the 2nd time in his political career that the Chairman is summoned to court. The first says a source was when he was barred from contesting for the APC leadership by the late erudite Lawyer Serry Kamel, Eddie Turay and others. Ernest at that epoch was also accused of political maneuvering by using his money to influence other executives for him to take over the leadership of the APC.

This the sources say does not go well with the grassroots of the APC who insisted that the chairman is a defector from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and should therefore give grace to the end guards to decide the party’s future. The source intimidated that compromise between the Serry Kamel and Ernest Koroma’s factions was reached and Serry was appointed as a reward as the first Attorney General in Ernest Koroma first five years rule while Eddie Turay was appointed as Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (UK), political observer say NRM allegations have similar circumstances to those of Serry Kamal and others, their claims to constitutional breach of 1995 constitution which gives too much powers to the Chairman and Leader of the party giving way to too much of favouritism and lack of consultations with the general body which has had severe affect to members of the party.

That the selection clause should be nullified and rigidity given to the elections clause, that the super vote which contribute of 30 members per vote etc should be stretch out as it gives more powers to one man vote causal to 30 votes, with the injunction notice now current and Ernest and team summoned, no more no less the nation awaits to see the presence of a battery of lawyers in the defence team against one in the persecution. 

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