Double welcome to you Dr. Moinina Sengeh, our else while Innovation Minister and our newly approved Education Minister.

I hereby join the rest of our families to say thank you for your official home coming to Sahn and our beloved Malen Chiefdom marking the New Year.

Of all your visits the donations of laptops to our youths, your sisters and brothers and distributions of mosquito nets for the use of the communities in the global fight against malaria parasites are very fresh in the minds of most.

As is the case the energies and talents of all of us are needed to meet the challenges posed as to be successful in the battle against illiteracy, hunger and disease.

We expect individuals to sacrifice their personal interest to permit the national good to progress.

The important thing is not to be on the right side but on the popular side of situations, regardless of ones conviction or of the fact.

Such brings us to political life which is becoming so expensive, so mechanized and now dominated by professional politicians and public relations men.

It is ours to write about, it is ours to read about.

But there is the lives of each of these men something that is difficult for the printed pages to capture and yet something that has reached the homes and enriched the heritage of most citizens in every part of our land.

Dr Sengeh ,you sounds too honest a heart ,too independent a mind ,too brilliant talents to be sincerely and confidently trusted by some of our power hungry and money making politicians some of whom are under the domination of wicked party maxims .

You ought to know and expect this by all means.

My humble advice to you is to steadily pursue the course you are in, with moderation and caution because that remains the only path of justice.


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