“Sometimes what a nation needs to succeed isn’t a bunch of geniuses or highly educated citizens. A resilient, honest, focused and extremely patriotic average citizens inspired behind a focused, determined and visionary leadership can work the magic. The more educated the more critical, and complex approaches to solving relatively common challenges as well as unnecessary bureaucratic procedures mostly militate against quickly achievable solutions, retard growth and stifle development. This nation’s endemic problems aren’t new, so I candidly do not believe we need the STEVE JOB types for answers and subsequent solutions. What we need is doing the right things right with sincerity, the fear of God, and love for our nation and the people. With or without glorious academic qualifications, it is almost impossible for a country to succeed without a majority of individuals with these fine attributes leading; and the people ready, united and inspired by the leadership for the betterment of ALL CITIZENS”.


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