The Temne Tribal Headman of the Western Urban/Rural, Alhaji King Kandeh Hassan Bangura on Friday 10th April, at his residence, has in a meeting with more than thirty Sections Chiefs and a Cross-section of the Petty Traders Association where he doubles as adviser called on them to go back in their respective sections and business locations to join President Bio’s call for more sensitization over precautionary measures to be taken daily as pre-requisite against COVID-19.

King Kandeh who has just returned from a month long Ceremonial initiation of the sacred house (kantha) told his audience that he was obliged to cut short his traditional dictates to take part in the sensitization process as a remedy to prevent the virus from escalating further.

He said, taking a look in the Western and rural districts, his tribesmen make up more than 70% of the business population. He said COVID-19 has no tribal distinction that is why laying emphasis on the sensitization process.

He said he shall not hesitate to dethrone any of his Section Chiefs who fails to sensitize against the virus in his community. He also called on traders in the interest of patriotism to contribute to buy veronica buckets and soap for the general public that patronized their business.

He concluded with thanks to all his subjects who obeyed the law during his absence.

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