The desperate hue and cry from peace loving Sierra Leoneans continue to resonate across the country and the diaspora; calling on President Julius Maada Bio and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) , headed by Mr FB Kaifalla, to investigate Morie Saffa of the Ministry of Lands for allegedly actively selling off and redistributing the PRIVTELY OWNED land and facilitating the destruction of structural property (pictures below), of Madam Josephine Mangu, at Adonkia, off Godrich in the Westend of Freetown (Sierra Leone).

The alleged notorious Morie Saffa, working for the Ministry of Lands is surreptitiously selling (exchanging money for fake unsigned land allocation letters) , to his handpicked associates at the expense of the elderly Madam Josephine Mangu.

Madam Mangu who is a pensioner has labored in the UK for over 30 years and returned home whilst she’s still fit and healthy to give back to Sierra Leone as a retired Health Practitioner.

As an industrious and hardworking woman, all through her life, she toiled hard to be able to invest in land that she legally bought and legally registered as per the land laws of Sierra Leone in 1988. This was an investment so that one day, her children and grandchildren abroad, can one day leave the ‘white man’s land’, and return home and help develop their mother’s land.

However, the intimidatory and unlawful activities of Morie Saffa on the property (land), of Madam Josephine at Adonkia , is now at an alarming height and must be curbed by our moral guarantors in authority.

It could be recalled that the New Direction Government that saw President Julius Maada come to power in 2018 , has continued to actively  encourage Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora to heed the clarion call for Sierra Leoneans and foreign investors to come back home to our beloved Mama Salone, to give back to our country.

Madam, Mangu responded to that call for her beloved Sierra Leone as her own contribution in nation building.

Sadly though, some embedded rogue officials appear to be keen to derail the new direction vision.

Morie Saffa from Ministry of Lands repeatedly leads a band of hired thugs to unlawfully seize and distribute the private land of Madam Josephine Mangu to his chosen associates.

This is unjust and unlawful! Saffa, these actions of yours would dissuade investors to come and invest in Sierra Leone, for fear of being a victim of corruption.

Madam, Mangu worked hard for many years and legally bought her land, she has all the valid supporting documents to prove it.

These valid land documents have been tendered to the ministry of Lands to give Hon Sandi, an opportunity to curb this injustice on a vulnerable Sierra Leonean citizen. But nothing has been done!

Why is this permitted to happen under the watch of our moral guarantors?

Is Sierra Leone no longer a place where all law abiding citizens can exercise their right to owning land, and be afforded the human rights of liberty, freedom and justice?

What would the authorities be doing to make sure Madam Mangu’s family is adequately compensated for the premeditated distress inflicted upon them ( by officials from the ministry of Lands), in their native motherland and see Madam Mangu’s land returned to her?

These are the questions that fellow concerned Sierra Leoneans globally, have been asking since Saturday 2nd November 2019, and would like an answer to please?

During all of this, what cannot be disputed is that Madam Mangu’s Land is legally registered in the Land registry as per the land laws of Sierra Leone; by the same institution that is perpetuating this blatant corruption against her family.

All the statistical land coordinates demarcating the boundary of Madam Mangu’s private land continues to be where Saffa has earmarked for relentless trespassing on, by himself and his band of armed militia.

Saffa, this war of bullying, harassment and intimidation against an innocent Sierra Leonean, HAS NOW GOT TO CEASE!!

Saffa, The Sierra Leone public are asking that you STOP waging a war of harassment against innocent and vulnerable Sierra Leoneans to fulfill your own personal interests.

Saffa, what is currently unfolding is sad for humanity, on a global stage. We are now publicly begging you to stop!

Saffa, The Ministry of Lands through you, are by extension deliberately undermining President Bio’s plea to investors in the diaspora to come to visit and invest in our native land Sierra Leone.

Therefore, the family, friends, and supporters of Madam Mangu (globally), will not relent in their quest for Justice.

They, continue to cry out and respectfully call on our President and the ACC commissioner, to intervene and not allow embedded rogue individuals in authority, to tarnish the image of our current Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) government.

This is not a good image for our beloved Sierra Leone, preying on innocent civilians to benefit a handpicked few is not how Sierra Leone should be projected to the outside world.

The time to act against these corrupt practices is now!  We are pleading that all the rogue officials involved in this matter must be exposed and brought to book; in the same way rogue teachers were exposed and brought to book by the ACC Scorpion squad.

To this end, the Family, friends and supporters (globally), of Madam Josephine Mangu are calling on President Julius Maada Bio and H.E our first Lady to come to the rescue of their mother for justice to prevail.

Amidst the tears of injustice, Sierra Leone and the world are eagerly watching and waiting on our most esteemed President, our First Lady and the ACC commissioner ; to expedite justice on this matter and restore our confidence in the ‘talk and do’, new direction fight against corruption that we voted for in 2018. The world is patiently awaiting a just outcome.

Evidence of damages to Madam Mangu's property

(Evidence of property)

Property allegedly destroyed by Morie Saffa

(Tin-Shack been vandalized by Saffa’s thugs)

Evidence of damages to Madam Mangu's property

(Demarcation of the Madam Mangu land)

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