Bombali, Port Loko MPs Call for Calm

Opposition Members of Parliament in Bombali and Port Loko Districts Hon Kathrine Zainab Tarawallie of Constituency 037 in Makeni and Hon. Latif Kargbo of 075 in Port Loko have called for calm and peace to rein in the country especially in the strongholds of the opposition All Peoples Congress party.

They made this clarion call in Masaika during the funeral of the late Kompa Bomboli following the riot that led to the killing of people in Makeni over the removal of a generator from the city by the Ministry of Energy.

 As the Deputy Chief Whip of Parliament, Hon. Katrine Zainab Tarawallie and colleagues condemned the incitement that led to the shooting of hapless Sierra Leoneans by the police.

She also called on the people of Makeni to be law-abiding and not listen to incitement from politicians from both the ruling or opposition party.

The party’s press release condemned the Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, noting that some amount of negotiations should have saved lives instead of  shooting of citizens which the government must have protected at all cost. 

According to Hon Latif Kargbo of Constituency 075 in Port Loko, no political party is seen to be bigger than the rest of the country. He said it is the business of any political party to follow the laws of the land and protect her citizens.

Hon Latif Kargbo commended the late Paramount Chief Kompa Bomboli for his exemplary rule over Koya Chiefdom for over forty years, until his death in May, 2020.

He said the family is blessed and that they will have good replacement for the throne; a person with the right calibre to take the Chiefdom forward in terms of development.

On the area of development in his constituency, the agile MP cited the connection of water from Port Loko section to the Sendugu section in Gbakiloko, construction of school buildings and market toilet as some of his projects undertaken outside his three main functions as Member of Parliament. 

Being youthful, Hon. Latif Kargbo has lifted the Bai Bureh Warriors football club to the height of fame as demonstrated in the defeat of End End-Lions which emerged champion in the Premier League.

“My dream is to see our team in the Premier League and that the next Messi comes from Gbakiloko in Port Loko district.

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