The Central One Football Association Inter Community League quarter final on Monday at the National Stadium was a bloody one as criminals and hooligans inflicted havoc on hapless and peace citizenry.

The destruction by these lawless and ungovernable citizens’ leaves several Sierra Leoneans with broken nose, wounded head, broken feet and other internal wounding to peace loving citizens.

Residents of Savage Street, St. John, Campbell Street, Clarence Street, Mountain Cut, Mend Street and Circular Road respectively were rudely disturbed by these criminals who carted millions and destroyed millions of properties from poor Sierra Leoneans.

The trauma in streets of Freetown on Tuesday morning within the central and western part of the city was enough for the government through the Sierra Leone Police to veto the Central One League.

“This is not the first or second time we have being inflicted with pains and destruction from the hands of COFA football tourneys,” they said.

“Houses, vehicles and properties were destroyed from the hands of these lawless Sierra Leoneans youths, we cannot continue to being inflicted from organizers of COFA”.

Mobile phones, physical cash were reported stolen from passerby, hawkers, and spectators including forceful entering into moving vehicle which resulted into the smashing of windscreens from stationary vehicles.

A taxi driver who normally plies from PZ to Pademba Road with a registration number 0000 was vandalized as front and back windscreen was slashed down.

It could be recalled that President Julius Maada Bio maiden speech in Parliament pinpointed the disciplinarian aspects of the New Direction which he promise will take effects to the latter.

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