Atlantic Sets to Eradicate Fire Accidents

Atlantic Sets to Eradicate Fire Accidents

By way of minimizing accidents on roads, seas, industries and factories across the country and beyond a local Non-Government Organization Atlantic Safety Network (ASSL) has stepped up an awareness raising initiative gearing towards the reduction dangers everywhere, as part of their contributions existing safety agencies.

The move according to a statement issued by ASSL from its 79 Pademba Road office in Freetown is directed towards ending untimely deaths and injuries of Sierra Leoneans at industrial places of work and in public transports at seas, land and in air every year.

Conceived in 2016, ASSL is a non-profit making and non-political humanitarian organization that has served its communities in diverse ways with support to safety policy formulations and successful implementation and promotion through public education of communities on the uses of safety precautions as fire extinguishers, training, refills, insects and positioning of fire extinguishers, evacuations plan for buildings, emergency procedures and installations of smoke alarms as well as first aid training.

Chief Executive Officer ASSL, Willcy Pratt said the initiative is a lifesaving and humanitarian venture designed to educate and inform industrialists and road users as well as other transport operators about the safety of people they serve on a regular basis, adding that it is against this background that ASSL is here to save the lives of Sierra Leoneans from divers socio and cultural backgrounds.

Pratt said their vision is to draw public attention to the importance of personal, industrial and public safety risks which are unavoidable contributors to accidents, pointing out that injuries and accidents associated with deaths occurs daily and annually on roads, factories, industries at seas, construction sites and in public places are concerns to the ASSL and must be put to an end with immediate effects.

Thus ASSL provide comprehensive environmental safety solution, to clients, by ways of providing all managerial support to public and private sector operators, whiles striving to deliver the best in terms of safety.


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