By SALWACO Communications Unit 

As the sounds of heavy trucks filled with water remains some of the sounds along provincial roads and communities during lockdown, Member of Parliament in Constituency 077, Hon. Abdul Karabo applauded SALWACO for providing sufficient safe drinking water in the provinces.  

He stated that during the first day of the lockdown, water was a major challenges for his contituency people, but with the intervention of SALWACO, all his constituency members were able to get water from the SALWACO water bowzers.   

The heavy-duty trucks carrying and supplying water to hard to reach communities and communities yet to be connected to SALWACO were seeing pumping water into community tanks and at the same time allows residents to fetch water from the tanks.

“Thank you SALWACO said a resident along the Mile 91 road as they came out to collect water from the tanker.

The Three-day lockdown announced by the government of Sierra Leone was to stem the spread of the Corona virus as the country registered it first and second case.

Sierra Leone was the last West Africa country to register a case of Corona virus.

The country has now registered four more cases bringing the total to six confirmed cases.

Fighting the epidemic now declares a global pandemic; water is among the most needed commodity. Water is mostly needed for the washing of hands as prescribed by health experts.

Water is also needed for domestic consumption and the need to make the commodity available at all times and most especially at this time.

SALWACO has been on the road supplying water to communities and at the same time alerting its stations for the lockdown. 

The stations have been active and very much busy before the lockdown all as part of preparedness to supply water during the period.

The Managing Director, Joseph Munda Sandi has been up and down monitoring the supply together with his team.

“We want to make sure that communities get the water needed at this time. We don’t want people moving from place to place in search of water he said.

Mr. Sandi noted that fighting COVID-19 is a converted effort that needs all hands-on deck. 

‘We are doing what is required of us” he noted.  

The Director and team were out to make sure that clean drinking water was gushing round the country round the clock even before lockdown.  

Their goal is that the fruits of the present effort would continue to increase in scope and speed, long after lockdown because this is a government that PRIDES ITSELF ON WORKING RIGHT for the people instead of Pumping infectious Propaganda, Mr. Sandi said.

The Three-day lockdown moves to it second day while SALWACO trucks also continue to move across communities.

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