The Member of Parliament for constituency 104 has received the shock of his life when hundreds of ex-supporters of MALOA openly declared their intention to work through the path of peace and say no to dictatorial maneuvering of Hon. Sheka Sama.

Hundreds of ex-supporters of MALOA have transformed themselves into Hopanda Peace Support Group for Malen Chiefdom and have pledged their loyalty to the Paramount Chief BVS Kebbie 111 and Socfin Agricultural Company.

Attached are thirty two names who have been very senior supporters of Sharka Sama and who are now willing to work with the Chiefdom Authorities and the Company. The list has been endorsed by the Paramount Chief.

These thirty two names are very key to the political survival of Sharka Sama. They are able to neutralize Sharka Sama’s influence in the entire Malen Chiefdom. They have brought in a lot of other members. They have openly told Malen Community through Malen Radio why they have abandoned MALOA. Their movement is gaining momentum.

Chief Kebbie and I are suggesting that we hold on to this group. Sharka Sama will no longer have a resting place in the Chiefdom if these people are with us. Let us make good use of them. All the bread and butter promises that were given to them by their then Godfather (Sharka Sama) never materialized. They are left idle and an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Yesterday I was invited to a meeting organized by Jaggie Boy at Taninahun where over 200 ex-supporters attended. All of them apologized to the Chiefdom Authorities for their past misdeeds and promised that nobody will fool them again.

Best regards.

In lieu of the above the Agricultural Company continues to displayed transparency and accountable to the people in terms of the company corporate social responsibility. Please turn to page 3 for names of defected members


During the month of June, the following activities were carried out by the Department.

  1. Preparation of ID cards for  Vulnerable Persons

The identification cards of a total of 249 vulnerable persons who went through the on the spot verification was prepared.

  • RSPO/HCV Protection and Monitoring

A draft MoU was prepared for the protection and monitoring of HCV protected areas. The draft is being studied by the authorities concerned to make comments and give their own inputs to be included.

  • Community Forestry

The Sembehun community forest with an area of 1.04Ha at a planting distance of 3m x 3m is being established. 163 seedlings of Tectonia glandis and 160 seedlings of Terminalia ivorensis totaling 323 seedlings are being planted.

 Sensitization on illegal logging and hunting in Sinjo, Sembehun and Hongai for massive logging at Block 4, Estate A was carried out.

Monitoring of the protected forests within the plantation was carried out.

NOTE: Management needs to fully provide labor to complete the three communities within the planting season.

  • CSR Activities

Construction of the Senior Secondary School block at Sahn Town is at wall height and roofing has started.

The foundation of the Primary School at Banalleh is still being backfilled.

One toilet at Masakpa, two at Bo road and one in Taninahun are under construction.

Three box culverts along Koribondo road were backfilled.

Estate A office under construction is at wall height.

Pumps at ABC store, Gboyama and Borbuwah are completely damaged.

The court barray hand pump in Sahn town was rehabilitated during the month and work orders are being prepared.

Rehabilitation of the Sahn Police Station is being carried out.

  • Education

All schools remained closed as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. However, work on the construction of the Senior Secondary School continued to go on. The structure is now at wall height.

The Banalleh School is still at foundation level. The monthly stipends were paid to teachers.

  • Micro-Finance

Loan collection on micro finance continued.

  • Fish Pond

The four fish ponds in Jumbu, Kpangba, Senehun and Gboyama were fed with animal manure to enhance blooming and later supplied with 1000 fingerlings each within the month.

  • Food Security (Agriculture)

Second weeding of boli land Rice in Gamgama, Kissi Site (Hongai), Kortumahun, Gbongboma, Potain Sahn, Macca, Monorgor Ngiyeihun, Ngiyeama and Fakaba is in progress (40% of which have been completed) and first weeding of Groundnuts is completed. Distribution of IVS Seed Rice to 45 Communities has been completed.

  • Gender Committee

The Gender Committee continued to carry out sensitization on COVID 19 at muster points.

  1. Land and Land Issues

The LLI Officer participated in the verification of vulnerable persons and made follow up on the various entry points into Malen Chiefdom as a fortification against COVID19.

  1. Fight against COVID 19

Sensitization on hand washing, social distancing, etc., within the Chiefdom continues.

  1. Report on illegal logging around Block 4.

On June 22nd 2020, illegal logging sites by two char- coal burners were discovered around block 4. They said that they were allowed by Messrs.  Foday Yokie, the Section Speaker of Bahoin Section, and Amadu Sowa of Sinjo village to carry out the char- coal burning in the said buffer zone.

The two char- coal burners were stopped from under taking any further operations until further notice. The Town Chief at Sinjo, Chief Junisa Jusu and Chief Foday Yokie agreed to stop all charco-burning forthwith. Ansumana Mansaray, SAC Forestry Officer, is mandated to follow it up.

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