APC’s Controversial Mother of all Convention

By Mohamed Kamara

The historic Bai Bureh Hall has been painted and refurnished, the little available hotels and Guest Houses are all booked, residents are offering their homes at price, Lungi, Lokomasama and Lunsar will house the rest of vehicle owners, bars and restaurants have multiple their purchase, businessmen and women have already booked principal areas, school authorities have received demands to host for two nights the strangers who will be coming with effect from Wednesday nest, Police have more than doubled their numerical strength, comedians and traditional singers ready to storm from nearby vicinities, but National Reform Movement which was banned from holding a meeting says the expected Mini-Convention will be controversial, supported by the APC National Youth League clamoring not only for a change of order but to replace the old guards.

This year’s convention is marred with a lot of debates says one NRM observer, it is the starting point to manifest the truism of the party executive to demonstrate its commitment to agree upon implementation of the Election Clause for each elected Executive without manipulation from elsewhere, an ousted district Chairman who was a victim of favoritism says he is making a comeback to contest his position especially when he has received sympathy from delegates from what happened to him never reoccur in a new era of reformation.

A patriot says flag bearer contenders will now began to bet their future, he says to gain support Sam Sumana, Kelfala Marah have already booked hotels for their confidential, rumors from the National Advisory Committee (NAC) says the Chairman and Leader Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma will be in control but not ABSOLUTE control as his former veto powers have been reduced to subject himself to who so ever is elected in the race. Observers say his old guards who have retained positions for so long remain skeptical lobbyist has got their financial shares from their underground activities, but protagonists warn! If the positions of Chairman and Leader, Secretary General and other high ranking positions are muzzled, then come Sunday the 12th January 2019, the long evacuated Mini-Convention will end upon woes, cries, destruct, disharmony as only a little laughter will be seen and jubilatory counted amongst the thousands expected to be present.

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