APC, SLPP Conventions Marred in Divisions

APC, SLPP Conventions Marred in Divisions

By: Mohamed Kamara

From all speculations by political critics, the Mini-Conventions scheduled to be held by Sierra Leone’s most populous two political parties has reached in a climax of uncertainties and unease as it tradition goes. The All People’s Congress (APC) party is ready to hold an open debate on the newly draft constitution, critics say this is unusual of the party as previously, everything about the amended of the constitution is left to the prerogative of a chosen influential few, who take decisions at the mercy of the majority seen by critics as muzzled the night of others to determine their political destiny.

To follow suit, the leading Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) which was seen as a modest party that will let its constitution let-go without amendment has also redefine it to resemble that of its arch rival the APC party. One similarity is both parties’ constitution is the introduction of the Chairman and Leader Clause that has warranted great concerns about their functions and who will actually be the last resort to pass on a veto like discussion should in case future political decisions of great ramifications warrant prompt solutions to be effected without protest coming from elsewhere.

Critics say from the inside and outside looks of both the APC and SLPP parties. There is a serious personality clash that brought one’s attention to three dominating factors irrespective of constitutional amendments. They are financial and personality influence, regional and tribal status and popularity and the curriculum vitae of individuals who constitute in the battle race for positions.


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