This event took place on Thursday 21st May 2020 at the party Headquarters Old Railway Line.

The president of the APC National Youth League, Bai Mahmoud Bangura thanked the Youth League Branches of USA and UK for their support in putting this ambitious donation together despite the social and economic challenges they are facing owing to Covid-19 pandemic.

The NYL President stated that these two diaspora branches funded a large portion of the donation and additionally, NYL Washington Chapter donated 500 preferred local content face masks to support the protection of comrades from the ravaging corona Virus.

He further commended the Home Base Diaspora who, even-though they are sojourning, yet see the need to cushion the economic hardship our people are going through.

“We will continue to collaborate, coordinate and correlate with all our branches, our patrons and the entire membership to ensure that the lives of our people are better off” NYL President Assured.

The Secretary General Ambassador Alhajie OF Yansaneh proudly appreciates the show of Leadrship of the APC National Youth League, who he stated has always showed up to save the party at trying moments.

He recalled that before the first Covid-19 lockdown, NYL was the organ that saves the face of the party with another donation of 200 bags of rice which was tremendously helpful and timely.

He admonished the Youth to be patient and courageous to survive this trial moment of our party.

He extended thanks and appreciation to The NYL branches in USA and UK for their contribution to this essential two fold value donation, that salvage both for a Ramadan package and Covid – 19 relief.

He admonished that diaspora branches consolidate their financial effort in helping the party more and more.

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