APC Mohamed Bangura Disappointed

APC Mohamed Bangura Disappointed

The former Minister of Information and Communication has shown solidarity to fellow comrades who are behind bars for an alleged investigation on the former Mayor and the public Relation Officer for Western Area Abu Barkarr Daramy

They have now spent seven days at the Criminal Investigation Department without charging the matter to court.

“Am completely disappointed from the hierarchy of the All Peoples Congress Party,” he said.

“I have not seen any senior party comrades showing solidarity to Herbert George-Williams and Daramy intervention at the time of grief and suppression as the sojourned these trying times.” He said.

According to the former Minister of Information and Communication, the ruling government should thread cautiously and stop intimidating the All Peoples Congress Party.

Bangura also challenged that the current constitutional review committee to go back to the drawing board especially the five years term for flag bearer to be eligible for the flag bearer of the party

The legislator for Constituency 066 also draws the attention of the Party to think twice before bringing into conclusion the findings which will be legislate by APCians in the fourth-coming delegate conference.

“There was a clause that wannabe flag-bearer of the party should be married,” he said.

“But the CRC struck it off, which is good for the party supporters of the party.”

He also draws the nexus between Sam Sumana and Kamarainba in which the party lost thousands of votes and the party should not allowed any complexities this time around as they want to win the 2023 elections hands down.

However, the All Peoples Congress Party grassroots have told this medium that they have endorsed the decision of the party leadership regarding the newly revised constitution of the party due to the under mentioned points:

1. To check and screen the loyalty percentage and commitment of the individuals that want to lead the party.

2. To assess the political and administrative experience of the individuals running for the top seat.

3. To guarantee genuinely of individuals towards the party during and after governance.

4. To ensure that the party constitution is protected and followed to the later.

5. To ensure that the interest of the party is prioritized above all else.

The legislator was also questioned that he is fighting

However, Sidi Yayah Tunis called on the party structures to be wise and committed to the party as there are lots of things to be done for the party to be successful come 2023.

However, the new draft constitution has a catchment that clearly disqualifies Sam-Sumana from contesting for the flagship of the APC.

“A candidate wishing to contest for the All Peoples Congress flagship must firstly be a paid up member for 5 years and secondly must have been with the party for an uninterrupted 5 years period.


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