APC Is Seriously Unserious!!!

APC Is Seriously Unserious!!!

The screaming headline in one of the pro government newspapers on Tuesday, 17th May, has opened a Pandora box as supporters and sympathizers of the All Peoples Congress has reiterated that the All Peoples Congress Party is seriously unserious on how the party can democratically take power from the Sierra Leone Peoples Party ahead of the 2023 elections.

The banner headline which reads “APC Might not have a Flagbearer This Year”, is thought provoking as the insinuation and allusion by the writer in highlighting some critical areas that the 21-Man committee has to follow before a comprehensive Lower Level, Constituencies, Districts and national elections is challenging and perplexing.

The electoral calendar and timetable issue out by the Electoral Commission for the 2023 elections is a disadvantage to the membership of the All Peoples Congress Party who are having sleepless nights on how to go with the several electioneering processes across the country.

Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, during one of her several audios keep educating and sensitizing her fellow comrades on how the party can sailed through with the various elections without any petition or court injunctions from disgruntled members.

The delaying tactics by the 21-Man Committee to announce the timetable for the lower level elections and how the processes will look like is also a show of negligence and disregard of the membership of the APC who are berating Alfred Peter Conteh to show leadership in the committee.

However, sources close to Guardian Post reveal that the 21-Man committee headed by Peter Conteh is having serious pressure as the former Secretary General of the APC is allegedly failing to cooperate with the committee members in terms vital documents or information.

In a recent meeting held at the Party secretariat, the committee chairman was seen having serious confrontation with Osman Foday Yansaneh and other members of the defunct executive for the financial status of the party.

The financial power of the APC is undoubtedly the former Chairman and Leader who according to our information is having daily briefing from the 21-Man committee on happenings and the way forward for the APC.

The All Peoples Congress Party is having difficult times as those who supposed to help the party financially are reneging by given flimsy excuses; thereby exposing the 21-Man committee to ridicule and laughter’s in the hands of the former President and associates.

Stakeholders like Alimamy Koroma, Richard Konteh, Paul Kamara, Sylvia Blyden, Kemoh Sesay, Minkailu Mansaray among others are having strange and untidy relationship with Ernest Koroma and are very careful and skillful on how they spend their money in the party.

Further sources reveal to Guardian Post that certain members of the 21-Man committee are clandestinely recording and even making video calls to Ernest Bai-Koroma during some of their meetings.

“The numerical strengths of the committee are nothing to write home about,” they chanted. “The All Peoples Congress Party is an institution that is ready to take power comes 2023, but still have countless issues that should be amended before the conducts of the lower level exercise.

Allie Sesay, a die-hearted supporter of the APC is furious and disheartening on the ugly development happening in his party that he supported since he was a child.

“Another ugly development that is affecting the works of the 21-Man committee is the numerical and financial powers the team needs now to starts preparation for the lower level exercise.” He noted.

The hue and cry according to comrade Allie is all over the place as the 21-Man committee is beginning to know the rationale behind the capturing of the party by Ernest Koroma and close allies before and after he won the 2007 elections.

Alfred Peter Conteh should follow the directives given to him by the court and should strictly adhered for any further legal litigation from members and stakeholders of the party.

The publication by News24 should be a wakeup called to all APCians to put their egoistic and self-centered behavior and focus on how they can help the committee for a more robust and resilient approached.

According to the Newspaper, the 66-page ruling of Justice Adrian Fisher, in the case between Alfred Peter Conteh (plaintiff) versus Ernest Bai Koroma (1st Defendant), Osman Foday Yansaneh (2nd Defendant), All Peoples Congress (3rd Defendant), and the Political Party Registration Commission (4th Defendant); one would infer that if care is not taken the All Peoples Congress (APC) might not elect a flagbearer this year for next year’s presidential election.

News24 furthered reveal to its readership and stakeholders of the APC for the conduct of all lower-level elections, the Committee is also charged with promulgating rules and procedures which shall be in compliance with the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone, the APC 2022 Constitution, and the Political Parties Act of 2002 within 14 days upon assuming office; meaning not later than Friday 27th May 2022.

The judgment ordered that the said rules shall be forwarded to The PPRC not later than 3rd June 2022 which shall be subsequently gazetted.

To add more credence to News24 publication it’s a clear reality to supporters and members of the APC that some sections of members are critically following the trend of the 21-Man committee and are ready to take them to court if they flouts any of the order for a better interpretation of the rulings by Hon. Judge Fisher.

The discussion within the premises and perimeter of the APC Party offices across the country continue to resonate amongst the grassroots supports that are fully in supports of Ernest Koroma and Osman Foday Yansaneh.

The membership of the All Peoples Congress Party and wannabe aspirants should be praying that there is no objection to the gazetted rules and procedures for the conduct of elections; the ruling states that the ITGC should ensure the conduct of lower-level elections within 60 days through the Transitional Interim Independent Elections Management Committee (TIIEMC).

Interestingly, the said 60 days might run until September 2022, which will put the APC right behind in terms of preparations ahead of June, 2023 and some of these disgruntled members or stakeholders are actually enjoying the political drama being played by Ernest Koroma and few others.  

Now, the Justice Adrian Fisher’s ruling also orders the conduct of the APC National Delegate Conference within 28 days after the completion of all lower-level elections. Again, this might run into late October 2022 or even January 2023.

Politically and in terms of preparation for 2023 the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party is far ahead of time and have already campaigning across the country leaving the APC in a political quagmire.

Until and unless stakeholders of the All Peoples Congress Party put their house in order the wrangling of court battling is visible and permissible to say the least.


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