By Hassan Bruz

Northern Bureau Chief

It is an undeniable fact that the defeat suffered by the All Peoples Congress [APC] Party in the 2017 General Elections was very much devastating. It was such a big blow that many outsiders believed it had the potential to set the Party apart. This can be deduced from the level of disgruntlement displayed by its Membership. Almost every category of those who opted for elective positions either as Ward Councilor, District Council Chairperson, City Mayor, Parliamentarian or Presidential Aspirant went wild when the Party Symbols were denied to them. Perhaps this is better displayed by the demands of the NRM whose Members demand major changes with regards the ‘Leadership Structure’.

The general interpretation is that All Peoples Congress Party would not settle down in a jiffy and there is the probability for a good number of its Membership would defect to other Political Parties. But those who entertain such speculations would like to have a shift of their perception if the current momentum in the Northern District of Port Loko is anything to bank on. This is the District which is often referred to as the – Operational Headquarters of the All Peoples Congress Party. It has in fact been upgraded to the ranking of Regional Headquarters for the newly established ‘North West Region’. It is the District that bears one of the most formidable Party Office Buildings – the Bai Burreh Memorial Hall situated at the center circle of Port Loko City.

Those who are familiar with the history of the All Peoples Congress [APC] Party, are of the firm belief that any decision that is reached at a meeting conducted in this particular Building is bound to yield the desired result. It is perhaps the more reason why the Convention for the adoption of the Draft Constitution of the Party is scheduled for Port Loko. Sources say it is slated for January 2020. As a result, preparations are now at a top gear. A series of consultative and inner door meetings have been summoned here and there. Some Party Members have gone ahead to apportion responsibilities on to themselves in ensuring that the proposed Convention is held in a classified atmosphere. For instance, there is an apparent competition amongst Members of the Port Loko District Executive of the Party.

It is gathered that some have opted to provide a facelift to the Bai Burreh Memorial Hall before the date scheduled for the aforementioned Convention. It is said that Mr. Alpha Sesay – the District Financial Secretary of the Party from Lunsar in the Marampa Chiefdom, made a promise to paint the Conference Hall. Work commenced in earnest the past weekend in fulfillment of the promise he made at a recent closed-door meeting in Port Loko. The swift move of Mr. Sesay is being viewed as a challenge by the Deputy District Chairman of the Party – Mr. Ali Sumah who has even temporarily relocated to Port Loko from Lungi in the Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom. He has been joined by Mr. Boxx – the Regional Organizing Secretary to ensure the effectiveness of the rehabilitation exercise. They have also assumed the responsibility to rehabilitate the perimeter of the Building. A lot of Youths have now been mobilized to carry out the work.

The Deputy District Chairman of the Party said they could not afford to wait for support from the National Headquarters as time is not in their favor. Mr. Ali Sumah  said they have a responsibility in ensuring that Delegates and Observers are accorded a rousing welcome as well as ushering them in to a refreshing and conducive Hall for proper deliberations. Mr. Ali Sumah said more members of the District Executive are expected to tip in as time progresses.

Below are photos of the great Bai Burreh Memorial Hall in Port Loko under refurbishment and Mr. Ali Sumah conferring with Youth Groups on how to fast track the exercise. He is being flanged by the Organizing Secretary for Constituency 075 – Mr. Abdul Dumbuya and Mr. Ibrahim Baba Kamara of the same Constituency 075.

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