Alibaba and the Forty Thieves!!!

The panache of present and past politicians to deceived Sierra Leoneans continued to put the country in the doldrums as the future of the youthful population continues to be a far-fetch syndrome that will hunts generation yet unborn.

The All Peoples Congress (APC) and the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) are victims of our current predicament and should be held responsible for our present trials and tribulations.

Since independence to date, ,mama Salone is yet to have a better governance system which will reflects the ordinary man out there.

From top to bottom, everything is going from bad to worse since independence as poverty is now visible in the faces of Sierra Leoneans who toil day and nights to make ends meet.

The political class is in ecstasy as they desperately loot the country’s economy with impunity and immunity owing to the facts that politics is the simplest way to have ill-gotten wealth.

One can work for decades in the civil service he/she cannot put up a decent house for his/her family, but politicians can come to power today and the next day he/her will become billionaire.

Some of these so-called and hopeless politicians should know that posterity will definitely hunt them someday as the tears of Sierra Leoneans endured from to higher height.

The national pledge speaks volume on how public servants including the President should governed us: I pledge my love and loyalty to my country Sierra Leone; I vow to serve her faithfully at all times; I promise to defend her honour and good name; Always work for her unity peace, freedom and prosperity; And put her interest above all else.
So help me God.

In Sierra Leone, our politicians are doing the reverse to our national pledge; instead for our politicians to put the country interest above all else they are busy preaching disunity amongst us.

Instead for our politicians to defend the good name of Sierra Leone internationally; they are busy looting the country’s economy and send it to foreign account to the detriment of the unborn babies.  

Past and presents politicians have fail Sierra Leoneans woefully; they need to go on their knees and asked for forgiveness to the people, the third stanza of our National Anthem should be a reflection to our politicians: Knowledge and truth our forefathers spread, Mighty the nations whom they led; Mighty they made thee, so too may we, Show forth the good that is ever in thee. We pledge our devotion, our strength and our might, Thy cause to defend and to stand for thy right; All that we have be ever thine own, Land that we love our Sierra Leone.

Some of the Civil Society Organizations who supposed to be the voice of the voiceless are openly doing Public Relation job for the government, thereby distracting the attention of the public to unpopular events.

The hue and cry is all over the place with the slogan ‘the ground dry’ which continues to resonate across the lengths and breadths of Sierra Leone, but the government is skillfully downplaying the hardship in the country saying they meet a broken economy.

Indeed, the government meets a broken economy; but we have one of the most frequent flying government officials in the history of this country, indeed they inherits a broken economy but the establishment of a new Ministries is a concern to the public, indeed the government inherit a shattered economy, but yet still continued to employ more and more people in the bid of finding job for the boys.

A popular columnist Francis Keili in his Ponder His Thoughts explain that; “Muslim and Christian Places of worship to deliver political messages, aided and abetted by political supporters of a particular faith has become the norm.

Some religious leaders have most times cashed in on the “financial windfall” this could bring and the politicians, on the enhanced outreach to hard-to-reach constituents.

This has undoubtedly over the years eroded the respect politicians hitherto had for these religious leaders, many of whom in days of yore spoke truth to power.

A few decades ago, politicians, including the country’s leaders were kept on their toes by revered Church Leaders who spoke in “fire and brimstone” sermons from the pulpit about the ills of society, speaking starkly about their failings.

These days, it is more common to have our leaders seen at crusades by famous preachers who “pussyfoot” around the ills of society in their preaching but nevertheless pray fervently that God may give the leaders the “wisdom of Solomon”.

It is slightly difficult to disentangle the signal from the cacophony on the socio-economic hardship and the guerrilla warfare of Sierra Leone’s politics.

However, the predatory form of politics which stimulates its own spin and sound-bites is gradually taking over an entirely complex story that leaves the very people who are central to it as mere ‘bystanders’ in an elaborate, polite but irresistible masquerade-dance currently serving as a smokescreen, for the dreary steeples of an economic stranglehold and ethno-political division.

If the ability to speak truth to power is the strength we desire, then the way to harness this great asset is by realizing that we must not forget that those in power or in opposition, are still essentially politicians, in a very crooked and unbalanced society where when they decide to swing the pendulum, like we are seeing now, the hungry masses follow like the sheep they are.

By the same token, truth is not always palatable or comforting; and its absence has been a major factor in our society, where it sends out the wrong colour of illumination to our leaders because we shy away from telling them what they actually need to hear, out of fear for the negative repercussions.

The resultant consequence of this is that, not only has our sense of reasoning been affected in several ways, the lack of objective assessment of our situation has continued to be shaped by starry-eyed propaganda-induced optimism, that has prevented us from truly fashioning out a collective destination and the way to it.

Whatever may be the outcome, the hunter who sits on the tree watching when God will appear will die someday. It is obvious that some of our political leaders are passionate and comfortable with stripping in front of the mirror of hypocrisy, deceit and lies.

They must always sneak and trudge around the reality of truth and resort to the ethical transport of another basic, bitch-strategy, which borders on the obscene as they drive our train towards wherever they perceive the clue to be.

The beautiful ones are not yet born; we need another Moses to salvage us from the decades of backwardness in our land.

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