The name AIG Karrow-Kamara is a house hold name in the Sierra Leone Police for decades and he should be treated with respect and esteem due to his meticulous service given to the force for good.

Treating a dedicated and enthusiastic police personnel in such an inhumane behavior will hunt generation yet unborn in the force for good, someone that laid his life for the force deserved respect from the hierarchy of the police.

The Inspector General of Police should come out clean and explained the circumstance on the harsh and unkind treated meted on one of the country’s finest police officer.

During his tenure as AIG in the Eastern Region stationed in Kenema, he has the supports of the Kenema people so much so that residents of Kenema are urging the Inspector General of Police to redeploy the latter back in the Eastern Region.

The latter debacle started before and after the General Elections that see President Julius Maada declared as President; a man that was so loved and appreciated by residents of Kenema across political divides became a victim of circumstance.

Due to his professionalism in policing, AIG Karrow-Kamara was able to maneuver from Kenema to Freetown in a rather demeaning and shameful way for him not to lynched by angry youths who see him as a rigid law enforcer in that part of the country.

In his arrival to Freetown, the learned AIG was briefly attached as the Regional Commander Freetown West/East, Head of Infrastructure and also Director of Peace keeping and in all of these positions he served less than a month from one position to another.

If only the Management Board of the Police can treat someone like Karrow-Kamara whose name is synonymous to the Sierra Leone Police in terms of professional policing; posterity will definitely judge between the hierarchy of the police and that of the AIG.

However, residents of Kenema were the latter served with meticulous and painstaking services are now urging the Vice President as Chairman of the Police Council to use his good office to address these long protracted issues.

The Vice President should know that AIG Karrow-Kamara has being on leave for the past 18months without having any message or messages from the hierarchy of the police.

This is injustice and unfairness to the highest degree meted to someone who has given his wherewithal to Sierra Leone Police for decades.

Series of investigation were mounted up against the Assistant Inspector General of Police on grounds of disturbances and financial misappropriation by the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Independent Police Board.

AIG Karrow Kamara was exonerated by both the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Independence Police Board from all wrongdoings.

State institutions like the Sierra Leone should stop treating senior citizenry that have served this country with dignity and respect, today is AIG Karrow-Kamara, tomorrow it might be the very one that are blocking the returned of the AIG back to work.

The AIG is on records to have averted series of demonstration in Kenema, Kailahun and Kono due to his humane and compassionate policing in the Eastern Region, some of his junior personnel are lavishing praise and courage for him not to sway his love for the police.

The office of the Human Rights Commission and the Office of the Ombudsman should speedily investigate this gross human rights violation by the hierarchy of the police. The expectation of the public was that the Police should celebrate the personality of AIG Karrow-Kamara and not to victimized or persecute a reasonable police officer.  

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