One of the leading and inventive Mobile Network Operator,  Africell Sierra Leone stunned its subscribers as it introduced the first ever E-Sim technology in West Africa. With the launch of this latest technology in Sierra Leone, Africell registers its prowess in the telecommunications business.

Speaking during the launching ceremony, the Station Manager of AfriRadio, John Konteh, explained the way the system can be accessed and used. He maintained that this system is the latest to be introduced in West Africa and Africell is the only company with this type of technology in the region.

This system provides all the services offered by the normal sim card, but in this case, the user will not be having any sim in his phone, hence the name E-Sim (.i.e. Electronic Sim).

He further stated that it can only be accessed through the use of an iPhone or Google Phone, as these are the only two manufacturers that have the technology.  With this service, subscribers will be able to make and receive calls and access the internet.

On how subscribers can be connected to the system, John Konteh explained that as the name implies, there is no need for the normal sim card to be inserted into the phone.

He said that subscribers with iPhones or Google phones need only go to any of the Africell outlets across the country or its headquarters at Wilberforce to get his/her sim card swapped for the E-Sim service. At the outlet, the subscriber will be required to choose from among 5 platinum numbers or migrate his original number.

A Bar Code, he added, will then be generated and later, details transferred to the E-Sim service and the subscriber will then be able to make and receive calls and browse the internet without any sim card.

For subscribers using Africell for the first time the usual regulatory practice of collecting their bio-data will be observed and this demands the provision of an identification card and other details of the customer. The customer will have to choose from 5 platinum numbers and a bar code will be generated and this will then be scanned on the phone and he/she is immediately connected to the system.

For those using Africell number, they should also go to any Africell outlet and their sim can be swapped to an E-Sim, but they will have to have another device if their phones are not part of the two brands of phones adaptable to the system.

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