The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) wishes to inform the general public that it had commenced investigations into anomalies and allegations of corruption in the payment of Social Safety Net (SSN) support to vulnerable persons in Bombali Community, Bombali District by the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA).

The public may be aware that this alleged corrupt payment with the collusion of NaCSA staff was reported by Africa Young Voices (AYV) Television and the video of testimonies of alleged victims has been in wide circulation on various social media platforms.

The public is further informed that the following persons have been arrested and detained to assist with the investigation;

1) Brian Smart Kanu, the Northern Regional Coordinator, NaCSA

2) Sheik Borbor Kamara, Bombali District Coordinator, NaCSA

3) Ramatu Obai Sesay, Finance and Admin, NaCSA

4) Mohamed Lansana, Data Analyst, NaCSA

5) Johnette Kanu, ACC District Monitor Bombali

The ACC District Monitor, Bombali has been suspended pending investigations. Her role was to monitor payments and report any anomalies with the process of payment; but she failed to do so.

The investigation is at advance stages and the public will be promptly notified on its progress and conclusion.

Meanwhile, the Commission wishes to further reassure the public of its national commitment to controlling corruption at all levels.

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