It’s 1:30am June 4th after a deep worship time. I pondered deeply on the state of affairs of the CHURCH in Sierra Leone.

I repented and have asked God for His Mercy and Grace to be renewed over the CHURCH as one called out, saved and commissioned. For our failings as Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Bishops and Evangelists commissioned, Ordained and strategically positioned in this NATION SIERRA LEONE to represent God, Mediate the Priesthood of the Chosen Generations of believers.  WE HAVE FAILED AND WE STILL BLAME EACH OTHER BUT OURSELVES.  I am guilty!!!

The Political Leaders Don’t even Listen to US!! Is like we don’t Matter…. Relevance and Significance missing. Who care of pastor’s livelihood is affected? Are Pastors workmen? Do they have dependent and socio-economic responsibility? Does the government know that more than 80 percent of Pastors are in self-employed vocations of their calling? Is it aware that the Church through its messages of HOPE and FAITH IN GOD has contributed immeasurably to attitude and behavior reforms which feed directly to the PEACE and STABILITY of this POST-WAR Nation? Maybe somebody needs to trumpet 🎺 this loud and clear!!!  BUT WHO CARES???

As I deeply pondered, I perceived in my spirit that the devil SEEMINGLY got the Church exactly where he wanted the church to be: wimpy, self-righteous, fixing blames rather than taking responsibility, disconnected from reality of the problems of society, compromising by either being silent, turning the other way or becoming PARTISAN.

THE DEEP DIVIDE.. stemming from Denominationalism to individual Empire building and self-exaltations has landed us where we are NOW!!


God is using the Government to expose our weaknesses, our divide, infighting and ill-gotten desires in Ministry.

Come to think of it, we are seeing many of us doing Facebook media preaching these days…fair enough. But how many of our members are we reaching through Facebook media? Given the poverty level in this country, how many of our members can afford Android phones and megabytes to follow our preaching on Facebook?

How many of us have statistics of it that truly reflect our membership? EUROPE and AMERICA is fine because their living context is designed as such. Are we contextualizing our approach in this trying time?

God can use anybody and anything to draw to attention those HE has called. To Moses it was the burning Bush. To Jonah it was the Big Fish and sometimes HEATHEN KINGS….BUT WHATEVER IT IS, the biggest question is what have we learnt as CHURCH LEADERS.

WE ALL FEEL THE PAIN, We are Angry that the market places are open, business enterprises including the pubs and beaches are open and booming with people sweating and rubbing against each other without precautions YET THE CHURCH REMAIN CLOSED…WE are Angry!!!

What have we learnt. This is not just about the CORONA VIRUS ANYMORE….It runs deeper than you think or Imagine. I don’t try to understand why any more…..Kind David said” IT WAS GOOD THAT I WAS AFFLICTED THAT I MAY LEARN THY DECREE”

Let us as CHURCH LEADERS reflect, repent, amend and take our rightful place to engage Heaven, then these early temporary leaders will know WE SERVE A BIG, BIG GOD.

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