By Mohamed Kamara

The Paramount Chieftaincy Aspirant for the Bai Fonti Satti Rokel Ruling House, Mr. Alieu Kanu who also doubles as country representative for a Green World International has on Saturday April 5th 2020 donated 97 buckets and cartoons of soap to 97 villages and six sections which cannot of the de-amalgamated Romende Chiefdom.

In making his donation to the Regent Chief Pa Bundu Kalokoh in the presence of ceremonial Chiefs, Section Chiefs, Chiefdom speakers and stakeholders of the chiefdom, Mr. Kanu said the main objective is to compliment president Bio’s call to all patriotic citizens to play a leading role in saving the lives of their people respective of your political religious, ethnic or otherwise belonging, he said in such a period when Corona Virus has infected thousands the world over and continuous to infect   hundreds every twenty four house, Sierra Leone which was equally hit by the global pandemic is no exception. He said now is timely to put all mechanism in place by sensitizing our population and contributing the little we can to save our fathers of tomorrow.

In his welcome address, the Regent Chief Pa Bundu Kalokoh told his audience that the Rokel Ruling House is the first to produce a paramount chief of the chiefdom 100 years ago, he said Bai Fonti Sati I left behind a legacy non of his successors could be able to achieve, it’s not new therefore the same ruling house has produce the youngest out of eleven ruling house who had previously played a dynamic rule before Romende was even deamalgameted.

He recalled that Alieu Kanu has brought medical doctors of various specialties who treated the indigenes with free abundant medicines, he has an agricultural project that is on-going and has personally helped families in difficulties to educate their children in primary and secondary and university levels, he called on other aspirant and patriotic sons and daughters of the chiefdom to fallow strut noting that Alieu has demonstrating all six qualities befitting a savior, he has self cowboy very humble demonstrate resilient in challenging period demonstrated responsibility respect the value of adult guidance and a man of moral values.

The analogy of praises from speaker after speaker gives reasons why Alieu Kan, the youngest never opted for the position of the Paramount Chief  but neither was forced to out of his live to save humanity at all times.

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