It has come to the notice of this press house that the Management of Guaranty Trust Bank (SL) Ltd wants to withhold the 2019 bonuses of all its staff members.

According to our information, staff members have being paid yearly bonuses based on its Board Members sitting and agreeing that 5% of the banks monthly profit should be accrued and paid to staff as a motivation for more work.

This press house recently understood that the current Managing Director is bent on destroying the work of its predecessors, he is seen by staff members as a dictator that is full of self-image.

Ade Adebiyi according to our source normally appeased that “whatever I say I do”. It is based on those behaviors of his that he is adamant on not paying bonuses claiming that the bank took loan provisions of up to 20 billion Leones (forgetting that the total profit before tax made in 2019 was 92 billion Leones excluding all the loan provisions made).

He claims that it was the Board members decisions not to pay 201 bonuses to which he has not produced any written and signed documents.

The Managing Director in December pronounced that he was going to come up with a medical scheme whether or not staff members consent. However, most of his actions are done in cohort with one of his tribesman who goes around as if he owns the bank.

An Intel received by this media is that staff members have given the management of the bank 21 days’ notice to pay their bonuses if not a strike action will be instituted. It is also clear that the strike will not only concentrate on the bonuses but that they will go to the streets with placards and chanting that the current Managing Director MUST be called back to wherever he came from so that he will not destroy the good image of the bank.

According to our information, an individual by the name of Innocent Thompson is also posing as the head of the bank’s financial controller. We understand that he has not been approved by the regulators (BSL) but he is still hiding to come to work and even signing documents. We even received information that he moved his work space to their Siaka Stevens Street branch so as to hide from the regulators.

We heard that the bank also recently hired Human Resource Personnel (whose name would be withheld for now). The staff members thought that she would come and change the narrative of staff welfare, but the individual is now seemed to have joined the bandwagon of management of the bank.

The problem of the bank we learnt started when they employed too much Nigerians within the management cadre of the bank, (and they started considering themselves as key stakeholders) which was previously limited to Managing Director and Executive Director only.

We want the general public to know that Guaranty Trust Bank (SL) LTd works within the laws of Sierra Leone and must adhere. We don’t believe that a handful of foreigners should come overnight and change the narrative of the institution. The bank is not even amongst the top 3 banks in terms of remuneration even though the bank is considered as one of the most profitable in Sierra Leone. So please Mr. Ade Adebiyi pay our brothers and sisters their bonuses and leave them in peace.

The Public Relation Manager of the Bank Mr. Arthur when contacted by this medium says he is currently hospitalized and will be available on Friday to comments on the above allegations.

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